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Date: 29th August 2016
110W-200WLED Street Light
Maximum efficiency in every wayWith Cy streetlight,Website:, efficiency is not just a catchword, but a principal itself from the luminaire's components, to its applications and the overall service life. This is why all Cy streetlight components are optimized with regard to efficiency, which has made it possible to develop a luminaire with extremely low energy consumption. This means in turn that investments are rapidly amortized. The highly robust and low-maintenance system and extremely long-life LED modules (service life of approximately 10 to 15 years) reduce maintenance, servicing and personnel requirements.Advantage 1 : Liquid Metal-------unique heat-conducting medium??Unique heat-conducting medium material with confirmed patent, manage 10 times conductivity of traditional silicon grease. It's permanent, stable, and without harmful substance. MaterialConductivityUsage for 100WContact areaThicknessSilicon grease3-5 W/m?K?1g?80%?0.5mmLiquid Metal40-60 W/m?K?1g?99%?0.1mm??As the following pictures ?show, the heat is spreading around from the LED chip.Advantage 2: Chimney effect??With the bee hive structure, the heat in the holes ?generated by the LED chip will automatically go up, therefore let the cold air ?come in to chill the light. This will keep the efficiency of the LED.?Advantage 3: ?Flexible light distribution design.???To satisfy different customers need on light distribution, a variety of glass lens have been designed with high transmittance, such as the following. Application
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